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Lead your remote
team with empathy.

Kona empowers managers to build high performance and engagement.

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Communicate with Daniel using short, direct bullet points.

Give Daniel feedback over video rather than Slack.

Daniel is green today.


People leave managers,
not companies.

Being remote makes management significantly harder. With employee burnout on the rise, soft skills now make up 8 of the top 10 remote work skills for preventing employee attrition.

Introducing Kona

Gain visibility into your team’s personalities and lead with mindfulness — directly in Slack.

Learn their work style preferences before you hit send.

Promote mindful interactions with actionable insights on who they are and how they work best.

Build a culture of trust and transparency.

Take a pulse and see teamwide emotional health at a glance with daily mood check-ins.

Make the most of meetings.

Context-switch faster and give continuous feedback with pre-meeting briefs.

Kona's three pillars of self-awareness.


Adapt your management style
to each teammate. Kona draws out work style and personality insights with AI.


Share how you're feeling as a team. Kona automates employee wellness data with
Red-Yellow-Green check-ins.


Build habits for growth. Kona promotes daily reflection with smart reminders and customizable prompts.

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Deeper than a face on a Slack profile.

Onboard new hires fast.

Get new teammates up to speed and help them make a great first impression.

Build team relationships.

Add context to daily interactions for more personal connection and opportunities for bonding.

Collaborate across teams.

Hit the ground running on projects with less time spent on norming, forming, and storming.

        Andrew Zhou 11:10 am
      Thanks for the warm welcome! Can't wait to meet everyone!

          I like to get to know people through
      1:1s. I don't work very well in groups, though I love getting to know people.

Trusted by the top remote managers.

Dietke Fowler

Director of Operations

"Kona has helped me become a better manager. It’s particularly inspired me to give better and more frequent encouragement to my team, and has automatically bumped me with the right tips in the right situation."

Francois Grenier

Head of Technology Partnerships

"With our team growing in parallel of transitioning to remote work, getting quick and easy-to-digest bullet points before meeting with new and old team members has really helped the team be more mindful of each other's preferences and better work together."

Darcy Boles

Director of Culture and Innovation

"I'm super excited about the possibility of how Kona will help co-workers understand their communication style on a much deeper level, this could be a game changer in the remote-world for those who may be new to remote working or struggle with clashing communication styles."

How does it work?

1. We ask you questions about your work style.

Kona personalizes every profile with responses from your team.

2. We analyze patterns in public channels.

Our algorithm translates communication patterns into accurate insights.

3. We surface key insights
in workflow.

Kona delivers insights smartly to add context to everyday

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We’re Sike Insights, a Techstars-backed company based in Los Angeles. We’ve had prior startups fail because of ineffective remote communication, and we’re building this company to solve the biggest problems in remote work.


Empathy is a habit.

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