Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when the trial is over? Will I be charged?

After your trial ends, you will not be charged because we do not require credit card to try Kona. We will contact you a few times throughout the trial prompting you to upgrade and to answer any questions you may have. If you don’t upgrade and your trial expires, your team will receive a message from Kona letting them know the trial is over.

I message differently at work than I do in person. Won’t that skew the insights?

Research has shown that situational context does not skew personality insights because the personality footprint is consistent throughout written text. Learn more about the psychology research powering Kona here.

How do I install Kona on my workspace? Does it work outside of Slack?

After contacting our team and agreeing to a free trial, we will send you the link to our page in the Slack App Directory. Click the “Sign Up” button on this page to install the app on your Slack workspace.

Kona is only on Slack at the moment and we are in the process of developing other integrations. If you have an integration that you’re interested in, feel free to contact us! We appreciate your feedback.

How much access does Kona have to my company’s data?

Kona’s algorithm analyzes messages to public channels in your workspace. However, we do not store any of these messages and no human has access to them at any point of time. We take data privacy and security very seriously and are fully compliant with California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) 2020 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Read more here.

What do I have access to during the free trial?

You will have access to the full suite of Kona Slackbot features.

Where are the Kona insights in Slack? Who can see it?

Insights are available immediately upon installation and can be called upon anywhere in your workspace using the slash command ‘/kona’. This includes public channels, private channels, and direct messages.

By default, everyone in your workspace will have access to Kona’s insights. However, we understand that companies may want to limit Kona to specific channels or teams and would be happy to accomodate. Simply contact us now or before your trial begins.

Which languages does Kona support?
Kona fully supports English and we are currently working on language support for Spanish and Russian. We are happy to add more languages according to your team’s needs. Let us know by contacting us now or during your trial.

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