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How we deliver effortless insights

1. Behind the scenes

There is a personality footprint in every message. Kona identifies this footprint on public channels in Slack and compiles them into unique profiles for each member of your team.

2. Actionable insights

Our AI translates everyone’s personality profiles into helpful insights so you can clarify tasks, deliver feedback, prep for meetings, and more.

3. Straight to your workspace

Kona delivers recommendations with a simple command and automatically shares them when you need them.

The data behind the insights

Kona's Insight:
"When motivating David, you should acknowledge how their work benefits teammates and clients. You and David are both motivated by selflessness."

To get this data, we evaluate the following traits...


Very High


Above Average



Research-backed personality profiles

What is the Five Factor Model?
Over the last thirty years, the Big Five Factor Model (Big Five) has become the gold standard among academics for describing personality. The model measures five factors: Neuroticism, Extraversion, Openness to Experience, Agreeableness, and Conscientiousness. Each of these five factors has six facets each, ranging from Aesthetics to Modesty, which can all be individually measured.

Why did we choose it?
Unfortunately, a lot of personality tests lack the research to back their claims. Because of Big Five’s granularity and its status as one of the few psychologist-backed personality measurements, we chose this framework as a basis for Kona’s measurements and recommendations.

A personality profile in every interaction

Research shows our words express more than just our thoughts. Check out a few of the experiments using machine learning to reveal the ties between text and Big Five personality traits.

Stream-of-consciousness & Personality
One study developed a deep learning model trained to analyze Big Five from stream-of-consciousness essays. [1]

Tweets & Personality
A study from 2016 found a way to successfully glean Big Five traits from 150 word tweets. [2]

Facebook & Personality
A study from 2015 [3] created a model that draws Big Five traits from Facebook statuses.

Empathy is a habit.

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