Kona Update (5/21) - Review & Publish

May 21, 2020

✅ Review & Publish allows users to review their profile, edit or remove insights, and publish when ready. It's one more way we're making Kona profiles more accurate and catered to user preferences.

Corine Tan
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When it comes to talking about your work and communication style, no one knows better than you. That's why our latest enhancements have prioritized our users as the final source of truth. ✏️ Editable Profiles made Kona's AI-generated insights less prescriptive and more a starting point for reflection. We've been trying to strike a balance between giving users more control while also preserving the convenience of AI and the transparency of teamwide access.

Our latest improvement adds to that balance. Meet ✅ Review & Publish, the enhancement that builds upon ✏️ Editable Profiles to give users the chance to review insights before their profile is widely available. Though we've put this enhancement under one title, it covers several small fixes. We've revamped onboarding to prompt users to review their Kona profile right when the bot is installed. In addition, every auto-generated insight now has an "Edit" and "Delete" button for easy customization. Kona's insights are hidden from teammates until the profile is manually approved or automatically published after 48-hours.

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We made this change after listening to customer feedback, specifically concerns about insight accuracy and user comfort. For the former, ✅ Review & Publish ensures every Kona insight has been personally approved by the individual. This enhancement encourages users to not only reflect on Kona's insights about them but also edit their profiles for more personalized information. For the latter point about comfort, this addition gives users the privacy to edit their workstyle information before their coworkers view it. Everyone is different when it comes to personality reports and we're working to respect those preferences.

Psychological safety builds trust.

When it comes to running a remote team, coworkers need to feel safe sharing ideas and needs. Based on our conversations with some of the top remote managers in the world, that psychological safety comes from both transparency and respect. We've seen that the best way to improve safety is by openly sharing needs and adapting accordingly. Understand your teammates' preferences with Kona, the AI-powered Slackbot. For a 14-day free trial, visit sikeinsights.com.

Companies affected by COVID-19 and transitioning to remote work for the first time can still get Kona free for the first three months. To see if your team qualifies, simply email sid@sikeinsights.com.

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