Kona Update (5/8) - Public Profiles

May 8, 2020

Inspired by the culture of radical transparency on remote teams, users can now share their full Kona readme as a markdown website.

Corine Tan
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Employee readmes are great tools for understanding individual workstyles and improving collaboration. However, we collaborate with more than just our coworkers. For many, the majority of communication involves external relationships with clients, partners, or peers. Employee readmes should reflect this.

Our latest update features 👤 Public Profiles. Inspired from the radical transparency at GitLab and dozens of major tech companies, you can now share your full Kona readme as a markdown website. Public profiles are incredibly detailed thanks to Kona's algorithm. To see Kona in action, check out Andrew's public profile. The readme only took him 10 minutes to complete!

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Kona's markdown profiles are simple but packed with information. They're perfect for sales, co-marketing, consulting, and partner projects. People like sharing their public profiles for fun, too; they're an easy way to explain pet peeves and preferences. We've noticed a lot of buzz from our early users who add their Kona link to their Twitter bios and email signatures.

However, public profiles are more than a shared document. They mark a step towards improving all remote relationships with transparent, accessible insights. We've always planned to step beyond Slack and add an empathy layer to all remote collaboration tools. In the future, that will include Jira, Microsoft Teams, 15Five, Twist, Mattermost, and beyond. For now, we've started with improved questions and a shareable profile.

Radical transparency makes remote work.

The best remote teams rely on radical transparency, a mantra that is both practice and culture. These teams champion open conversations and two-way feedback, but they also acknowledge that feedback styles are rarely one-size-fits-all. We've found that the best way to improve team communication is by talking about how we communicate. Understand your teammates' preferences with Kona, the AI-powered Slackbot. For a 14-day free trial, visit sikeinsights.com.

Companies affected by COVID-19 and transitioning to remote work for the first time can still get Kona free for the first three months. To see if your team qualifies, simply email sid@sikeinsights.com.

📣 Stay tuned for weekly feature updates! Follow our company profile on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter at @SikeInsights.

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