Kona Update (6/10) - Actionable Insights

June 10, 2020

We've added enhancements to slot Kona's insights into your daily workflow, including smarter insight deliver and content-based reminders.

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In its current state, Kona is a great tool for documenting remote workstyles. Kona acts as an advanced "work with me" guide. It provides an in-Slack database of teammate preferences to encourage transparency and deliberate communication. Kona helps coworkers adapt to the constant change in larger remote teams, whether it's through onboarding new talent, restructuring departments, or daily inter-team collaboration. However, our customer interviews and analytics have reflected a drop-off in usage after the first month. The data reflects a key question: what happens to Kona once you know your team well?

Long-term user retention has always been top of mind. When it comes to developing information-based tools, the concern is that value drops off after users soak up the app's key learnings. We've always known that Kona would have to move past documentation and information delivery in order to drive long-term value. That's why we've started to make Kona's insights actionable.

Our latest feature, 💪 Actionable Insights, is our first big step. The idea is to help managers adapt to coworker preferences in their day-to-day workflow. With smarter insight delivery and content-based reminders, Kona can help you manage your team better without the headache of remembering everyone's workstyle.

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The first half of 💪 Actionability covers smarter insight delivery. We've created a number of triggers in this update to surface insights without the need for a slash-command. For example, joining a public channel will trigger a brief summary. Kona will help you read the room with insights on channel members. Get to know major personalities on the team and add context to threaded conversations.

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User tags will also trigger a brief profile on teammates. This summary can be expanded to their full Kona profile for easy reference. Learn about teammate communication styles and decision-making processes without leaving the channel.

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The second half of 💪 Actionability involves content-based advice. Here's a good example. Let's say you've tagged a coworker in a long paragraph message. Kona will detect that person's preference (bullet points) and gently remind you to revise to bullet point items. Though we've started with basic communication preferences, this is only the beginning for content-based recommendations. The idea is to help teammates write seamless, receivable messages that will be understood asynchronously.

Turning insights into effective leadership.

Managers have a lot going on. Between back-to-back meetings, firefighting, and daily task management, managers have to balance their team's emotional needs and their own todos. Our aim is to make that balance a bit easier and reduce the overhead from miscommunication. Understand your teammates' preferences with Kona, the AI-powered Slackbot. For a 14-day free trial, visit sikeinsights.com.

Companies affected by COVID-19 and transitioning to remote work for the first time can still get Kona free for the first three months. To see if your team qualifies, simply email sid@sikeinsights.com.

📣 Stay tuned for weekly feature updates! Follow our company profile on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter at @SikeInsights.

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