Kona Update (6/30) - Busyness

June 30, 2020

Kona can now share coworker's busyness to add context to meetings and Slack messages. Now you can figure out how swamped your coworkers are at a glance!

Corine Tan
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So far we've made Kona's insights related to individual characteristics and workstyle habits to help people understand their teammates. However, personality doesn't tell the day-to-day story about your work. Some days may have an avalanche of meetings or intense deep focus time while others are more spread out. In an office setting, figuring out someone's schedule may be as easy as looking across the room. For remote work though, with globally distributed teams and constant async collaboration, it takes a lot more deliberate effort.

Our latest feature, 😓 Busyness, marks our first step towards sentiment-based insights. Users that connect their Google Calendar can display their busyness level without any effort. Kona automatically tracks how many hours of meetings they are in and adds a quick note before event notifications and User Tags. The idea is to help teammates reference a person's stress and meeting load instantly, without having to pull up calendars or DM them about it.

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The idea is to add more context to daily remote communication and remind coworkers to be mindful of each other's needs. For example, 😓 Busyness may alert an event organizer that their attendees are swamped and to include something fun to start the meeting with. It also adds a whole new layer to 💪 Actionability with context-based User Tags. If you send a tagged message and the recipient has a meeting or swamped workday, User Tags will notify you that the recipient is busy and may need to be reached later.

We're super excited about how this opens the door for more mood, tone, and workload based insights. Not only do these sentiment-based recommendations change from day-to-day, but they add to our vision of encouraging more empathy-based workplaces. We've been exploring sentiment analysis and different ways to express mood for meetings and everyday conversation. Stay tuned for more exciting features in this vein to come!

Sharing how we feel helps the whole team

Early on in our user research, we were amazed at the processes some of the best remote teams had to stay on top of mood and stress. Some shared their red light, yellow light, and green light statuses before meetings. Others had budgets set aside for each employee to promote self-care and mindfulness. The reasoning behind all this investment is clear; happy remote workers are less likely to suffer from burnout and are simply more effective. Being transparent about how we feel and what we can handle only helps teams work together better.

Understand your teammates' busyness and habits with Kona, the AI-powered Slackbot. For a 14-day free trial, visit sikeinsights.com. Also, stay tuned for weekly feature updates! Follow our company profile on LinkedIn or follow us on Twitter at @SikeInsights.

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